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Turned my truck off. Went to cut it back on and nothing works. No dash lights won't crank nothing at all. Tried jumping it off and still nothing

I camp outside from work, got in to go home and would not start. I tried to have jumped started and nothing. The strange thing is all my lights comes on and my all my gauages go straight to the bottom not reading and the icon of my car show with a lock around it. I took it to the dealership and was told that my key transponder had went bad. Paia $184 for a new key, $314 for a tune up, drove the car home. Got up next morning for work and car wo...

Engine has severe vibration when in drive, at a stop, and cold. Take the vehicle out of gear, accelerate, or let it warm up and the problem goes away

the hinge on the rear window came unglued

3 batteries replaced in last 6mos. finally found dealer in Denver that correctly dx this big problem. THE INSTRUMENT DISPLAY CLUSTER WOULD NOT SHUT OFF. WAS ABOUT $500 TO DIAGNOSE AND REPLACE. TAHOE CRANKS EVERYTIME NOW. GOING ON 300K MILES SAME ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION

We just bought my truck about a month and a half ago. Three weeks after we bought it, it wouldn't accelerate past 55, so we limped it as far as we could and had to call for a trailer. We hooked the computer to it and it showed it needed coils. We replaced them AND replaced the following: spark plug, plugs and wires, coils, cam positioning sensor, both knock sensors, crankshaft positioning sensor, cut the cats off and ran new exhaust without th...

havent found what problem is yet

my dash Crack my gages mess up n the steering bad

My truck is dying from the inside first the air will only work on 5, the radio will come on but no sound, the temp thing on mirror is out, and now the front blinkers are not working. I have no fix, need help please!

I got an engine from a suburban I was told it's the same engine may have to change oil pan an trams I need to know if I take the old one from my Tahoe will it work need advise

the headlight on the drivers side continues to go out. I have had 6/7 sets of headlights, wiring replaced, and some more stuff. I have gotten stopped by police on several occasions due to this problem. I don't know what else to do. somebody please help!!!!

Gas gauge going crazy then van dont want to turn on at all. All gauges turn on except the gas gauge dont move at all and van has gas .Tried different things but cannot fine problem

Installed new fuel pump. But it will not pump out any gas. Still looking for a solution,help if you know of a solution

Problem occurred in 2011
Car in park and cannot remove the key or take it out of park, Have to disconnect the battery to get the key
released. Have to do a manual release to get the car out of park.
First estimate was approx. $100.
After GM service inspection, it was found that the ignition interlock relay was staying energised causing the shifter solenoid to stay engaged and burn out.
Final bill:...