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A dirty throttle body may cause a lower than normal engine idle resulting in a stalling condition. A stalling condition may also result if an idle learn procedure is not performed if the battery goes dead or is disconnected.

The Engine Control Module (ECM) can fail causing stalling, and engine and transmission drivability concerns.

One or more of the fuel injectors may short out electrically causing a rough idle condition.

The PCV vacuum hose under the upper intake plenum may become brittle and crack causing an engine vacuum leak.

The engine temperature sensor wire for the engine temperature gauge, or warning light, may touch the rear exhaust manifold causing a short to ground causing erratic operation of the temperature gauge or warning light.

The engine vacuum hose to the MAP sensor may crack resulting in a vacuum leak causing the engine to run rough and/or stall.

The ignition coil housing may fail causing an engine misfire on one or more cylinders.

The timing chain tensioner and guides are prone to wear and may develop an abnormal noise, requiring replacement.

My Cavalier has a bad miss that shakes the car as soon as you goes 45 or 55 mph. It runs good at all other speeds.

Make crap load of noise, almost sounds like a rod going to blow. It's gets louder as it gets worse.Common and pricey..all new unit is needed.. but it will fix the oil around it too seeping.

Engine would start then immediately die, after a few attempts the engine would then start and run normally. It was found that when the car died the radio would not be on. Detent had been lost between run and key-on positions of key switch, so the force of the start return spring caused the switch to go to the almost off position, where the engine red light, ecm, etc would come on but not the fuel pump, and radio would be both off.

Last winter I was driving my husband's Cavalier during a rush hour winter snow storm when all the lights went out and the car went dead. I barely made it over to the side of the road without getting hit. It turned out to be a bad alternator. We had just replaced the starter and battery and then this happened with no warning. Very scary. I was told that when we had the starter and battery replaced, the alternator SHOULD have been checked, ...