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Reported by geoffgrayknight and 9 others for the Chevrolet Avalanche

First the front passenger and eventually all automatic door looks stopped responding. If you look out there, it is a known problem with the Avalanche at least for certain model years. Basically the parts inside your door wear out prematurely. I think it was an actuator or something like that but not sure. Anyway, negotiated with the dealership as I felt this was ridiculous to have door locks fail at 75K. I made a point that I had a vehicle...

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Verified for the Chevrolet Avalanche

Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

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The keyless entry system may stop working. Our technicians tell us the key fobs and keyless entry receiver may need to be replaced to correct this fault.

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The upper dash may crack, most commonly on vehicles in warm climates and exposed to a lot of sunlight. The common repair is to replace the upper instrument trim panel. Information on a technical service bulletin or extended warranty is not available at this time.

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