Land Rover LR3 Problem Report

Land Rover LR3 Problems with tire pressure control module

(14 reports)
The tire pressure monitoring control module is known to indicate a defective wheel pressure sensor, when it is really the control module itself that has failed. Careful diagnostic should be performed for this repair.
Tire pressure eating doesn't go off -
This has been an intermittent problem that shows up after I have any work done on my front suspension or tires. The light had not been on for about a year. However, I just put my snow tires on and the light is illuminated once again. -
Dealer wants $550 to fix. -
TPMS light on constantly. Screen constantly says to check all tire pressures. Tire pressures are fine, all senders are OK. Dealer diagnosed defective module, wants $700.00 to replace. -
repeated light showing low air when tire was properly inflated. TPMS was replaced by dealership. -
Said check all tires. Replaced tpms and problem solved. -
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i changed the air compressor and now i found out that the front is more higher than the back.
need to fix lower control arms ( front )and how much it will be the cost ?
i took it to the shops and they can not find anything wrong