Problems with the 'Outside Air Temperature' displayed on the DIC on 2007 Pontiac G5

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I have just recently purchased a used 2007 Pontiac G5. So far, I love it. However, I am just recently noticing that the 'Outside Air Temperature' displayed on the DIC located in the instrument cluster is regularly between 5-10 degrees higher than the current outside tempature. Additionally, yesterday, while driving home, the radio station I was listening to reported the current tempature as 89 degree, however, the 'Outside Air Temperature' displayed on the DIC was 118 degrees. I am begining to believe that the 'Outside Air Temperature' sensor is broken.

I am wondering first, if I am correct that the 'Outside Air Temperature' sensor needs to be replaced or if, as I read on one blog site, the Body Control Module (BCM) needs to be reprogram or replaced.

Second, if either the 'Outside Air Tempature' sensor or the BMC need to be replaced, how much it might cost.
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The first thing I would do is look at the sensor, make sure it is properly installed. The sensor needs to be in a place that is unaffected by hot air from the engine when parked or driving. If the sensor becomes dislodged from it's mounting it can rub up against a warm engine or cooling system part, or be exposed to hot air from the engine.