No Start do to Failed Starter Control Module on Volvo S40

The engine may not start due to a failed starter control module. If the module has indeed failed, it will require replacement.

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Average mileage: 93,082 (27,000–273,238)
9 model years affected: 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
38 people reported this problem
15 people shared problem details
Car may start fine you turn it off to go in store get back in go to start nothing. All lights come on but nothing. Changed pnp switch fine for 3 days then did it again. Found video on youtube where you turn ignition to start and back 3 or 4 times then will start. This works sometimes but video gave no explanation of what is happening. Any ideas.
Car would not start after several tries. Battery and lights ok. Mechanic replaced starter assembly. Worked fine for two weeks. Then would not start again. After about two hours, went back to car and it started fine. Drove it back to the mechanic. Still at the shop. Mechanic waiting for it to stall for him.
2008 Volvo S4087,000
Was out running errands when I got back to my car it suddenly would not start. Battery was fine, fuses all okay, the display kept giving the message "turn steering, try again." Steering wheel would rotate completely in both directions although the message was in reference to an "immobilizer" feature that locks the steering wheel - since the wheel was not locked it was impossible to "unlock" it so it would accept the startup. Tried for over an hour, and could not get the car to start, so had it towed back to my house ... tow truck driver incidentally mentioned he'd seen this issue with numerous Volvo in the 2002-2010 range, and the only solution of which he knew was to have either the steering control and/or the ignition replaced ... Seems to me as if this is a design flaw, and should be subject to a recall ...
2005 Volvo S4072,500
Dash lights came on, but would not crank. Key error message came on. DTCS codes CEM DD11 1A41 fault traced to start control unit. Ignition switch=$195 Labor=$238
2000 Volvo S40131,200
is their a inline fuse from the battery to the starter relay on a 2000 Volvo S40
2010 Volvo S40120,000
Car would not start. After numerous tries, key locked in ignition. Car was dead. Got boost and car started on first try. Happened twic, where I needed a boost. This am car would not turn over, but did on second try.
2005 Volvo S4093,000
key error please try again ughhh...
2008 Volvo S40100,000
Two service charges and tow, repair $1000.00 and wait for parts ...out of town left with another Volvo...which had horrid services from dealers dealers....yes engine mount issue currently.
2008 Volvo S4084,000
The switch will g thru the first 2 turns but 3 & 4 to start the engine it just clicks as if dead battery. It is the starter though. After serveral attempts it may or may not start. This has happened several times as recent as today. It took about 45 minutes working with the starter before it finally started.
2005 Volvo S4027,000
Car stalled on a parking lot, jump start did not help, towed it to the dealer, found out the starter control module had to be replaced. Quoted $475.00+tax (this quote includes diagnostic fee of $98.00).
2010 Volvo S4060,000
Car died and had battery replaced. Car died again and having it towed tomorrow. Seems like it may be the starter problem.
2007 Volvo S4038,000
no solution
2005 Volvo S4070,000
"Key error". Problem arose suddenly. Could lock and unlock car but wouldn't start. None of the temporary fixes that you read about online (e.g., lock and unlock the care several times, put "key" in the ignition and bang on it with a hammer) worked for me. Delay in getting it fixed after it was at the dealership because car wasn't initially towed INTO the shop. Also, took them a long time to run through the diagnostics. Final bill will be around $600 plus towing (which also cost more than usual because it's AWD and the car was in a parking structure when the problem arose).
2005 Volvo S4050,000
It sucked! Needed to be towed... warranty was just up on the 3 yrs owning car, and this was extremely expensive.
2006 Volvo S4052,000
key stuck in ignition with car on
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