1993 Ford Bronco Q&A

1993 Ford Bronco Question: Problems with my beloved Bronco

hello, i have a 93 ford bronco 5.8 that i picked up real cheap for only 1200 bucks. it has been a dream of mine for so long to actually own one. it has some problems that are running me through loops and bringing me to dead ends. 1: it idles very rough, it only does it when sitting still in drive or park and ocassionally when stopping at a light it dies 2: the fuel guage does not work 3: the cruise control doesnt work 4: the steering is loose, it has about 3 inches of play towards both directions without the truck responding. any help would be greatly appreciated! can feel free to email @ Rinehart268@gmail.com if you are willing to help! -
Answer 1
all 4 items need to be diag properly as to be correct in est.sorry seek diag and est -