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2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Question: problems with down shifting

My 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe (91,000 miles) is not down shifting right. When I let off gas to coast, it acts like its either going to die or down shifts hard. Been doing this through 3 or 4 tanks of gas, so I know it is not bad fuel. Also, rpm is running high. -
Answer 1
Check engine light on 'check codes,sounds like bad IAC motor ,idle air controller or tps sensor throttle position sensor.. -
Comment 1
My check engine light is not on. Thank you for the response, any idea of cost in these possibilities? -
Comment 2
most likely your TCM (trans control solenoid). some places call it the PCM (powertrain control module). looks like this is a common problem on these vehicles. which engine is in your vehicle? RR -
Comment 3
Have found out (after spending a lot of money) that it is the tps. Will be a fairly cheap fix. Thanks to everyone who offered help. I truly appreciate it. -
Answer 2
sounds like your transmission is having a problem, the PCM may be intermittently failing, the MAP, MAF or TPS sensor could be bad or going bad. let me know if you find out the solution. -
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I took it to the Hyundai dealership and had a scan ran on it. Had transmission fluid flushed and a new timing belt. Will see what happens. Thank you for your response. -
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