Problems with a 91 ford ranger on 1991 Ford Ranger

I have a 91 ford ranger. It ran good for a minute then started to smell like a vaccum was overheating. It also has water running out of of the tail pipe and just a little more smoke then normal. It also has a miss kinda like its not getting gas.

by in Madison, WV on February 01, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 03, 2009
Pull your oil dipstick and make sure you don't have water in the oil, It will make the oil look off white, If the oil looks fine maybe you just need a tune up.
ANSWER by on March 02, 2010
could be headgasket
COMMENT by on October 21, 2010
sounds like the headgasked is blown when the engine get hot vapors run to the oil passages then to the oil pan
ANSWER by on March 02, 2010
the oil will not always be milkey. With the water settled on the bottom of the pan. Drain oil and knw for sure
ANSWER by on May 03, 2010
Depends on how much water coming out of your tail pipe. If it was just some drops, it's supposed to be normal, just condensation. But if a lot, possibly you blew a head gasket. Possibly so if you have 250,000 km on your motor or more. Check your oil. Good luck. P. S. If that's a picture of it, good looking little truck.
ANSWER by on October 21, 2010
it sounds like you had a blown headgasked the gasket passing vapors to the oil passages then later to the oil pan
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