Problems Starting on 1995 Toyota Tacoma

When you turn the key it only clicks. In worm weather it will click 8-10 time then start, and in cold weather it will never turn over. The truck is a 5 speed, manual, 4x4.

by in Rico, CO on November 28, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 28, 2010
Sounds like your typical Toyota starter failure. They usually just click and won't turn the vehicle over when they start to go out. 1995, you got a good amount of use from this starter.
COMMENT by on November 28, 2010
ANSWER by on November 28, 2010
the starter has bendix going out replace starter
COMMENT by on December 23, 2010
My 03 is having the same problem, but we replaced the starter and the problem is persisting. Any suggestions?
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