problems on 1994 Dodge Ram 1500

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I have had this problem for about 4 or 5 weeks I can be in a high gear and low rpms in my dodge ram 1500 1994 and I will get a sudden jump, or miss firer and I have to hold the gas at a high rpm for it not to do it. But wat gets me is it don't do it all the time only like every other time I drive my truck it weird and was thinken fuel filter, oxagen sencer, map sencer, or mybe possibile somthin to do with my vaccume lines or somthin in that departpement. but if theres anyway yall could help me out I would greatly apprecatate it. Thanks
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Start with the basics - an engine misfire under load (low RPM and slightly increased load in a high gear, such as starting to climb a grade...) can be from something as simple as spark plugs or secondary ignition (wires/coils/etc). Start there and think simply first. If you verify all that is good, then you will need some test equipment to see what is happening when the concern occurs. Good luck.
Will I wasent even goin to think about that cuz I just replaced plugs,wires,distripiter. But I didn't mess with the secocondary ignition. Ill take a look at that next and u think that would cuz it to jump and misfire like that???
Yes. When I mean secondary ignition, though, I mean wires, cap, rotor. Double check the wires and make sure they are routed correctly and not crossed. Also verify good quality parts and fitment.

Finally, it's not unheard of to have a bad spark plug causing an intermittent misfire. Or one that got accidentally cracked installing it. Stinks to double your work, but removing the plugs and inspecting again is not a bad idea either.