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1995 Chevrolet S10 Question: Problem with the throttle body

I had a natural gas conversion kit put on the truck a few years ago,now it has a loud ticking noise coming from the throttle body.i put my hands on the fuel injection sileniods and it seems to be coming from them but im not sure,when i change the switch to regular gas the knocking goes away.Is this normal? -
Answer 1
seek an opinion from a natural gas mech poss suburban propane co. in placentia ca. it could be the gas is freezing up on you at exchanger -
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They didnt have any info ,do you have any other ideas?No one has experience with these -
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google propane and call some conversion places. sorry -
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please leave a question open if you cant answer it,i probaly wont get an answer to a quetion thats already had a response. -
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