problem with the headlights on 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis

Headlights will turn off unexpectdly during operation. seems to be an intermittent open in the circuit. I have checked and cleaned the batt cables and checked for bad ground and burned out fuses. problem is not isolated to the automatic daylight sensor system because when headlights are nonfunctional in auto mode will also not work in manual mode

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Need to get the wiring schematics and head light system inspection information

I would go here:

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Is this a corroded conection on right side of car?
It is definetly your Headlight controll module. I had the same problem with my 05 grand marquis, go on Ebay and get one like i did they only cost $ 75 and come with a liftime warranty. This is going to fix your problem permanetly.
In my 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis my lights shut off when I'm driving