Problem with the gas gauge reading correctly at a quarter of a tank. It travels. on 1997 Cadillac Seville SLS

When the gas gauge reaches a quarter of a tank, it travels in the opposite direction. What can the issue be?

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Fuel pump sending assembly in tank.
Thanks for responding so quickly. Is it hard and expense to replace?
Yes it is. Part will be around $250- at least thru Autozone in my area. It's in fuel tank but check your model you may have access door under back seat or in trunk ? If not tank will have to be dropped down to fix. You may just want to deal with problem till fuel pump gives out lol
LOL!!! Thanks a lot. YOu may be right. I just need to keep it full or just top it off when it gets to half. Thanks again.
Your welcome. I'd just deal with it too- could have much bigger problem lol
Thanks! You may be right about that. But if gas get's any higher, it will sit until I really need to drive it.
Yeah no doubt- they surely got us all by the balls lol