problem with sid radio and sound nothing works on steering wheel either
on 2006 Saab 9-3

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earlier while driving a warning sign came up on sid saying rain sensors , i pressed the sid button then it froze on screen , radio and sound for indicators went off i only bought this car ,,,,,,,,, is this a big problem for me
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There know for wacky wiring problems ,idk ,someone here might answer but I'd goggle problem and find online help under Saab forum..they should know ..
Failed AMP unit. Google it, there is a lot of information about it. The unit is underneath the driver's seat, and is sensitive to moisture. Your options are to 1) send the unit to a business in NY state that can fix these or 2) replace it with a used one, and then you may have to have a dealer or a Saab shop program the used unit to your car with a Tech 2.
There is an easy fix for the amp going out simply take out the amp remove the wires from the inside fuse them together with some electrical tape and then put the connector back in place without the amp and your problem is fixed. the amp is not needed. You will still have use of 4 out of 6 speakers. You can YouTube this and you can find the fix online too!