problem with my transmission on 2001 Honda Civic

my transmission went out I bough one from the used auto.. junk yard.. I drove it for 2 days before it put me down again.. now when I drive it , It will go for about 2 blocks and its like it gose in neutral, I cut it off put back in park and restart it put it in drive and it gose right in gear just like it should it go for another 2 blocks and start back over doing the same thing again.... I tried a computer I also tried a gear shift switch off the other transmission and still the same thing.. did I buy a bad transmission or something else.. also there is no flashing lights on the dash board and there,s nothing coming up on my meter.

by in Hampton, VA on September 25, 2013
1 answer
ANSWER by on September 26, 2013
typical used auto trans,do you have a warranty from wrecking yard. if so get another unit. is the fluid full and clean
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