problem with my new fuel filter? on 1992 Toyota Camry

I just replaced my fuel filter, i then drove for 4 miles and it still hesitated when stepping on gas. What should i do to make it run better? I havent drove it around yet. Should i use fuel injecter cleaner ? What will help?

by in Marysville, WA on April 03, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on April 03, 2009
Hesitation can be caused by many things certainly fuel supply/injection, computer controls (sensor inputs and controlling outputs), and ignition. I would take a close look at the spark plugs and plug wires. The ignition system is likely to be the culprit. If the throttle venturi/butterfly area hasn't been cleaned in a while it too could cause a problem but I would start looking at the ignition first.
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