Problem with my car on 2000 Toyota Corolla

My car did not pass emission inspection. The problem was reported as follows:
Fault codes:
P0300 Random/multiple Cylinder misfire Detected.
P0441 EVAP Control System Incorrect Purge Flow
P0446 EVAP Contol System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction.
Please I need the cheapest place and the cost. Thank you for your business.
Daniel Ndofor

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Look in the engine compartment. Looking into the engine compartment on the right side is the air filter housing look closely for any hose that may have been knocked of while replacing the air filter. The purge valve on many Toyotas was mounted on the air filter housing and many people knocked of the purge hose that went back to the fuel tank, next time the computer ran the purge test it flagged an evaporation emission failure. Misfire and evap codes together are usually some form of vacuum leak on some other Toyota or Lexus I would say the air flow meter is the problem but look closely for a vacuum hose that is off somewhere in the engine compartment.
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Many Toyotas have a warranty repair available for a code P0446, because it is a pattern failure for the vent valve on the EVAP canister and the canister needs to be replaced with an updated version.