Problem with model turn signal light on 1993 Pontiac Firebird

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Hello, From France.
I found a TYC replacement for my turn signal light driver side presented like the original model on my Pontiac Firebird 1993 Base.
However turn signal lights actually on my car are not identical. I have photo but it is not possible to join it here. They have a relief convex central part on all the length, of orange color, and I can see a reference on a part of the broken piece (but may be incomplete) : GM 1656923.
Can anybody help me and say me where I can find this product, please ? Thank you very much.
Best regards.
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Bonjour....I called a gm dealer and that 1656923 # did not cross reference. Was that Firebird orginally sold in France? It could have been equipped diffently in Europe. What lens do you need front or rear? Also what part # is the TYC lens. We have them availble here also. And last if I have the VIN number of the car I may be able to research it for you.
Thank you very much for your interest. I have already received a TYC model from USA, unfortunately it is not the same model. I just found one original, identical, from a used vehicle in Suede. It means that our vehicle was, as you say, equipped differently.
My car comes from Belgium and I am not the first hand.
You are very kind to give me these informations. May be I will find this product in Europe. Thank you very much again for your help.
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