Mercury Sable Problem Report

Mercury Sable Engine Stalling and/or Hesitation on Acceleration due to Faulty Idle Air Bypass Valve

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If you experience difficulty starting the engine when cold, stalling at idle, or hesitations during acceleration, it may be the idle air bypass valve. This valve helps the vehicle idle steady when the accelerator pedal is not pressed.

Idle control valve makes the idle high and with foot off the accelerator car runs at 40-45 MPH. I disconnected the electrical plug to the valve and car runs great! -
Revs up and down when idling change the Idle control valve and still does the same -
when i start the car it revs up on and off with out me hitting the pedal. also it stalled twice on me while i was on the highway exit ramp. rear three spark plugs are impossible to get to and the driver side door wouldn't lock with the remote locking device or the car lock button. -
idling very rough and sluggish when taking off runs fine when get up to speed been researching all night seems to be iac will change and hope for the best! -
hesitation in engine, and check engine light is coming on and off. -
Car starts,but dies immediatley when take foot off gas. When pressing on gas, will die if I dont rev engine. Also, this summer electric locks stopped working and recently car seems to idle high when sitting or when I put heat on. -
idels way to fast -
Car sputters when you mash the gas mostly when the first few miles and when engine is cold -
Having this similar rough idle problem. Was going to try and replace the idle air bypass valve but the auto parts suggested trying a fuel additive BG-44K. Well had good/not so good results. BG-44K within 20-30 miles of adding it to a full tank stop the rough idle but the rough idle returned. I'm going to try another treatment before replace the bypass valve. Found BG-44K a lot cheaper on ebay, this stuff is not cheap but I'm a believer of it. So bigger maintenance question is do our fuel ejectors get plugged up from cheap gas / ethanol and such??? -
My car stalled out, all the panel icons flashed when I was either braking and barely moving in traffic and when I would also turn on the heater. I thought it might be the fuel filter...and had it changed, but it was a minor expense.. The problem continues, though...will take it in to have the idel air bypass valve investigated. When I took it to the mechanic before he could not replicate the problem and only changed the fuel filter,because I insisted. I think I will take it to the dealership this time. -
My car sputters at stop signs and signal light as well as rpm goes up and down when sitting in park and when stopped at lights or stop signs what could this be -
same problem. haven't found a solution - still searching even after spending over $500 unnecessarily at the Ford dealership. -
There is a hesitation when I accelerate -
replaced it with the latest,updated Motorcraft part because there was a Ford TSB [technical service bulletin] release about it -
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