1997 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

1997 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Problem with gauges

Gauge cluster on 97 Town&Country intermittently goes crazy, 1 gauge will quit, then start working, then all gauges quit. Other times I can drive it all day with no problems. Checked all electrical connections could see, cleaned battery leads,etc. Please help! -
Answer 1
Check your fuses first here's a guide http://bit.ly/f9Bc3 and then check circuit breakers on this same site. -
Answer 2
My wiper cluster lights are flashing. This happened after I had a battery charger on a dead battery. how can I git them not to flash -
Answer 3
This is a short in your circuits...probably near fuse number 2 (10 Amp)under the dash or number 23 (40 Amp orange)under the hood in the power distribution center. -
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