2005 Volvo S80 Q&A

2005 Volvo S80 Question: Problem with Fuel Pump and Fuel Tank

I have always serviced and taken care of my car in a timely manner to avoid any serious problems. My car has 68,500 miles and I have had the fuel pump replaced 3 times. My check engine light went on about a week ago and I took it in to the dealer for service, mind you, I am under 100,000 mile warranty, certified and pre-owned. The three previous times I did not pay for fuel pump repair, however, now: Cause: Performed diagnostics and scan for codes ECM-2900 Fuel pressure Faulty Signal Tech checked Duty Cycle 50.94% upon removing the left side pump te3ch found alot of sedement in the tank. Correction: Tech cleaned the screen of the fuel pump cleared DTC codes and reset parameters customer is aware that when the check engine light comes back on a new fuel tank and pump will be needed. Cost $2006.98. I only use Premium gas and now am being told after 3 pumps I have to pay for the forth, I feel this is a problem with the Fuel System itself. Please advise on how I should handle this one. I feel like trading it in and getting something I can depend on. -
Answer 1
Sediment in the fuel tank is a serious issue. Where do you buy your fuel? If the fuel has sediment, premium grade will make no difference. When I take apart fuel tanks, there is zero sediment, none. No matter what type of car you get, sediment will ruin the fuel pumps, I once took care of a fleet of 600 trucks and cars, and we were using a filling station that had problems with their underground storage tanks, and I had to replace over 100 fuel pumps. Of course we switched where we bought fuel and had no more issues again, ever. Food for thought. -
Answer 2
first of all, Volvo is expensive to repair, there are not a lot of independent shops that can diagnose it and it not a dependable car like a Honda or Toyota. buying premium fuel means nothing today. read the info on this website www.toptiergas.com and ONLY buy top tier fuel. my shop's invoices have a specific disclaimer for contaminated fuel. no dealer or shop is responsible for fuel issues, period. -
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can u suggest a shop that would give me a better quote in 18301 -