Problem with engine oil lifters. on 1990 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

I was having problems with the engine running after it reached operating temparture. It would idle roughly. When I took off valve covers the rocker arms and push rods were covered with carbon. The push rods were covered with a good coating of carbon. When I replaced the push rods and rocker arms I got very little oil coming out of the push rods. The lifters are the roller type. I rebuilt them one at a time. I took them apart and clean them and made sure they were free of dirt. I put them back were they were came from. I had the engine in time and adjusted the rocker arms according to the firing order. 1 6 5 4 3 2. I made sure both valves were closed and adjusted the rocker arms by holding the push rods and checking for play. After the up and down play was gone I gave the adjusting nut another full turn. It doesn't seem there is enough oil coming from the push rods. It seems to be smoking a little as the valve springs are over heating. The oil pressure at the sending unit is 50 PSI. That is from the main oil tap on the drivers side near the distrubitor.

If you have 50 psi at the pump and not getting oil to the rockers then your lifters are not receiving sufficient oil through the oil gallery in the block. It could be a heavy sludge builup because of the unusual oil flow in the 4.3 engine.I have an idea which you might try. Take 1 quart of automativ transmission fluid and pour it into the engine oil.Transmission fluid has a very high detergent factor and will clean most internal parts inside an engine in a couple of hundred miles.Trust won't hurt anything.I do this to any engine i am about to rebuild in the coming weeks,and i get great results.
thank god somebody knows what hes talking about tranny fluid will also clean lifters
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Sorry to see nobody was able to help with this problem. I was wondering if you ever figured out what was cause was?