Problem with car stalling on 2009 Volvo S60

I have a 2009 S60 with 25k miles. On several occasions (including one while traveling 60mph) the "reduced engine performance" comes on and the car stalls immediately thereafter. First time dealer repaired a "sensor". Car is in shop and dealer can't find problem. We have had Volvo's (and have a 2010 XC70). We have lost confidence and feel uncomfortable with the S60. Suggestions?

by in Ridgewood, NJ on May 04, 2010
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2 answers
ANSWER by , May 04, 2010
Sometimes this happens, but I guarantee you that if you keep with it, they will find the solution to this problem. I have fought issues like this with new Volvo's and sometimes it turns out to be a software issue with one of the control modules, and this type of problem is very difficult to diagnose and repair. The path to figuring this out is to have the factory representative from Volvo get involved. As a matter of fact, Volvo has had their main technical support team in NJ, so your dealer should have a pretty good relationship with them (hopefully). Demand from your dealer that they get the factory engineers and technical support people involved, and ask that they document all interactions, suggestions and requests on your repair order. You have to realize these are very sophisticated machines and when you build thousands of them and put them on the road, some of them will have problems. However, yo should be getting full support from the dealer to address this, if not, then keep going up the chain until you get the service you deserve, remember, the squeaky wheel get's the grease! Go to the shop foreman, service manager, dealership owner or whoever it takes. Good Luck
ANSWER by , July 28, 2014
My 2009 S60 had problem wth fule pump. this is a common problem . Sluggish perfromance is usually fuel pump problem. Can be fuel filter, or fuel module,or fuel module contacts to the fuel pump. Have dealership check these before your warranty runs out. I didn't and paid 1300 fo repacement fuel pump.