problem removing wiper arm on 1995 BMW 740iL

I have removed the retaining nut and washer on the Drivers side windscreen wiper arm mechanism and need to know if the assembly is on a spline as I am having difficulty removing the arm to replace the cover assembly to the lower part of the windscreen.

yours faithfully

Ray Robinson

2 answers
The arm is often very tight and needs to be "persuaded" to come off. Try tapping on the shaft lightly with a plastic mallet, or try jiggling the arm of the wiper. It's hard to describe the subtle things you need to do, but I hope this helps. Let me know if you get it removed.
i struggled with one today on a 2000 740il for about 2 hours before going to my local autoparts store and renting a small gear puller. Got it off in 5 mins.