2003 BMW X5 Q&A

2003 BMW X5 Question: problem may be with automatic gera box

Hi, I got bmw x5 3.d automatic, when ever i shift gear from park to drive or reverse the car jerk and when driving it shifts gears some time soon some time takes time or some time jerk a little, i am not sure about the problem please help me, my machanic said change the gear box filter and oil it will get better but i am not sure, plzzzzzzzzzz help me. email me on. arrow_1010@hotmail.com -
Answer 1
yes, I would start with a service of the transmission, but that may not be all that is going on. However, your mechanic is correct, start with the basics. Any light coming like a Service Engine Soon Light? Did your mechanic check for codes in the transmission, because he/she should ASAP! -
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Thanks for quick response, there is no lights or service messages on the dish board its completely clear and normal. -