1994 Toyota Corolla Q&A

1994 Toyota Corolla Question: Problem from 1000-3000 rpm seems to bog after 3000rpm it runs fine.

well if the car is on neutral or on gear between 1000-3000 rpm it seems to bog or just run bad I don't get that much power like I use to... -
Answer 1
Little car probably got 200k + miles on it, when was your last 'really good' tune up of the fuel and ignition systems? -
Comment 1
i changed the distributor cap and rotor, spark plugs, spark wire set, oil change, transmission change, brake fluid exchange, power steering. i haven't done anything with the fuel pump or fuel filter ima change them and go from there. i was thinking something like the fuel injectors?? -
Comment 2
Change the pain in the a.. to get to fuel filter first to see if it helps, use some fuel injector cleaner that has Techron in it... If it keeps giving problems, may have to replace the complete distributor! -
Answer 2
poss plugged exh?poss plugged fuel filter? -