problem after clutch master cylinder replacement on 2005 Ford Ranger

I recently had the clutch master cylinder replaced on my truck. My mechanic noticed it was leaking fluid up behind the clutch and I was having problems shifting into 1st gear at stop signs/red lights. A different mechanic replaced the clutch master cylinder and told me that it's normal for the clutch to collapse after sitting for a few hours and that I should pump the clutch to get fluid into the gears. Now, the gears are all locked up after the truck has been sitting for a while, and I have to pump it many many times before I can get it into gear. The mechanic says I'll have to do that for 2 weeks and that it's a normal part of wearing in the new cylinder. Is that true?

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No its not normal at all. Your truck has a clutch slave cylinder mounted inside the bell housing (between the clutch and the gearbox) unfortunately it is inside the gearbox bell housing and the gearbox has to be removed to gain access to the slave cylinder. You said you were told fluid is leaking behind the clutch its most likely the slave cylinder. Get another opinion.
my truck has a similar problem but it's on a 1990 jeep comanche. from what i read so far along with some other research both the master and slave have some of the very same symptoms. i know that when i press the clutch in it just drops to the floor and the fluid seems to be leaking out almost as fast as i put more in. i would like to pinpoint this problem and solve it without having to spend too much time and money on it can you help out at all?
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Replace the slave cylinder