1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Q&A

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Question: Pricing of new battery plus installation

My 99 eclipse needs a new battery, because i'm a girl everytime I have something replaced, I end up finding out I have been over charged! So, instead of paying an excessive amount, what is the estimated cost of a new battery and installation/labor? -
Answer 1
If you can get to an autozone parts store or similiar store (with a jumpstart or vechicle has enough power to start) it will cost about $100 dollars for the battery and they will install for no additional cost. If you can't get to a parts store or have someone drop it in for you. Send back and I will detail procedure for replacing it. -
Answer 2
most autozone and advance parts stores wont charge you no extra to put battery in.cost of new batteries vary from store to store and walmart(some even put in for free). i would not pay over $100.oo for battery. -