price to repair front right wheel bearing on 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

It was diagnosted Friday by mechanic when tires was mounted on other three wheels. Right front tire was bought 3 months ago.

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The actual part no is mopar part no. 68081028AA. You can find one on ebay for about $85. The dealer will ask $250 for the part. Do not pay them.

I drive a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 ST 2wd. My driver side wheel hub/bearing assembly went bad at about 60,000 miles. It was very straightforward to replace. The dealer wanted $300 for the labor in addition to the $250 price tag on the part. If you have a 2wd, as I do, there is no large axle nut to remove in order to access the wheel hub/bearing assembly. You remove the tire, remove the brake caliper (two nuts) and hang the caliper with a bungee chord (thus not hanging the caliper on the brake line), remove the rotor, and then there are three bolts that hold the wheel hub/bearing assembly to the lower control arm. Remove hub bolts, pull off worn wheel hub/bearing assembly, slide in new hub/bearing assembly, bolt down three bolts. Slide rotor back on. Replace caliper and two caliper nuts. Put your tire back on. And you are done.

If you need help with the torque specs for all previously said bolts and nuts as well as sockets and wrenches required, send along an email. Really... it's very easy to do. You hopefully have not spent hundreds of dollars of your own money on someone else's 30 minutes of labor. Peace.
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On a 2 wheel drive the bearing and hub assembly are one, it takes about an hour or so to replace. You can get a price for the bearing at or any on line parts site.