Price of Timing belt replacement, on 2004 Honda Odyssey

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My dash light is on that says (SRS) I looked in the manual and it the Safety Restraint Systemt which could be Airbags and or seatbelts. How much would that cost? Also how much would my rear power windows cost to repair, they are not working also. And of course as stated above how much would the timing belt service cost? Does it make a difference if you do the service at the Dealership or another repair shop?
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To expand on Zee's good advice --

The SRS light will require diagnosis - Figure about $80 - $95 for a diagnostic harge in your area. However - I recommend a Honda dealer for this, as your van possesses a lifetime warranty on seat belt buckles which often end up being found as the failed part for an SRS light.

The rear power windows will need to be evaluated prior to getting you a good estimate.

Timing belt -- call around. Here's a link of shops near you:
Don't forget to consult a local dealership or dealerships, as often they are quite competitive on timing belt services.

The Honda dealership service department here in California that I ran would replace the timing belt, the alternator and the external drive belts for $895 on this vehicle. Then, we also had an Internet coupon for $50.00 off. Make sure to ask if there are any specials - of if the repair shop or dealership has a web site, be sure to check it for coupons. Timing belt services on Honda's especially are usually well priced and competitive.

Last - dealership vs. independent shop -- as long as you're dealing with a qualified technician, either is fine. The only difference is the SRS light which I would recommend the dealership for due to the reasons I described above. Good luck!
You can check prices at the Estimate section, right on the top of the page.

There was a recall about that one it's actually a sensor on your seat belt that needs to be replaced ,check with your honda dealer they replaced mine for free it was included in the recall .