2004 Honda Accord Q&A

2004 Honda Accord Question: price for timing belt replacement 2004 accord

car driving rough makes loud noise have been told timing belt needs to be replaced -
Answer 1
V6 engine right? Price could be anywhere between $400.00 & $1000.00 depending on labor rate and parts needed (and quality of parts). -
Answer 2
make sure it is the timming belt, check your local dealership for on line coupons, recently i had a timming belt done at a dealership, it started off at 900.00, but with my coupons I only paid for labor, which ended up being 510.00. also if it is a timming belt problem have the tech to check water pump and oil seals in that same area, no sense in returning for work while the area that is being repaired also may need some other repairs. what kind of loud noises? belt or other noises? -
Answer 3
agree with ziptie -
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