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2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: price

I just got my master cylinder replaced and a power booster and a oill chg for $631.45 is this too much? and how do I now that was the problem, when I just went in for a oil chg? -
Answer 1
What was the reasoning for replacing the booster and the master cylinder? Were you experiencing any brake issues or were these recommendations? -
Comment 1
No I wasn't experiencing brake problems,but there wasn't any brake fluid. I was about 6 mo ago I did experience brake problems my brakes went all the way to the floor, had my front brakes replaced by a mechanic I knew, there wan't any brake fluid, I filled it. So this time when I took in my truck for an oil change they said I needed a master cylinder and power booster, and if I were to take the truck I would of had to sign a waver that I know it's dangerous, so I had the work done. I feel that was alot of money. -
Comment 2
It sounds like the master cylinder was leaking, and the fluid was going into the brake booster, so they recommended the booster too. These parts and the labor can run fairly high, I've seen boosters cost over $600 by themselves, so the price you paid seems reasonable for what you got. -
Comment 3
yes that's that what he said. Thank you, I just wanted to make sure, it just sounds really expencive -
Answer 2
Thats to much -
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