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Thanks autotechpat,but what I was asking was with the work, that was done to the manifold and the pvc values, that were replace, should I be having the" possible problem" listed in earlier reply?

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I remember answering a question concerning a lean code P0171 and that you had intake manifold replaced along with a PCV valve and hose replaced, these issues could certainly cause a lean misfire, rough running, poor fuel economy and higher than normal pollutants emitted from the tailpipe. Other causes for this code could be a defective air flow meter or intake manifold sensor, bad Oxygen sensors or several other issues. I am not sure if your question is "were these repairs necessary as you had been hearing a noise from the rear of the vehicle". The repairs you mention certainly could contribute to the lean code stored. A lean code on vehicles that have the evaporative emission charcoal canister at the rear under side of the vehicle could easily set a lean code if the canister was damaged due to contact with road debris.
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