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Premium Nissan
September 11, 2009

My brakes wore out twice as fast as on my Toyota. I've never had brake go so fast in 25 years. And they refuse to pass the car for NYS Inspection unless I did the brakes. Yet after the brake job, I couldn't detect any difference in the brake pedal--it was like they didn't even do the work. And they said they were so low I was scoring rotors. They under-inflate tires (28/29 instead of 32)-probably to cause wear, lowers fuel efficiency, lower grip and increases chances of blowouts. I know because every time afterwards I start bottoming out, and often my trie pressure warnign comes on. But they'll probably get more tire sales out of you that way. So what if you get into an accident and someone in your family dies. They don't call you when parts come in. I don't know if a decent Nissan Srvc Cntr exists in lower Westchester. I contacted Nissan Consumer Affairs and they basically called the garage and asked "did you rip off this customer?" "Naw" "Ok. Sir they didn't do anything wrong." I am now considering selling my Nissan because I have 45k left on my Nissan warranty and every trip to Nissan is painful. Every person in New Rochelle that I found that USED to go to this service center stopped because they got ripped off. They overcharge on parts (call another Nissan service center and check prices on parts, they have jacked them up as much as 50%) I hear Mt. Kisco Nissan was good.

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