premium gas recommended? on 2000 Infiniti I30

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Premium gas is recommended for the '00 I30t, however I recently filled up with a mid-grade. The SES light have appeared and I was wondering if this is the only reason. I have over 120k mi on it and was wondering if the car absolutely needs premium and whether or not the ses light will turn off.
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I doubt your SES light is on because of the gas. You need to go to Advance or Autozone to get a free scan of your computer. Make sure that you get the code numbers. example P0000. Don't just let them tell you what part you need. Remember they are not technicians, they are parts counter sales people. If you would like e-mail me at I can help you directly.
This recently started happening with my I30 -- two times in the past week (came on Sunday, turned off Tuesday,came back on Wednesday and was off on Friday) First question was the "did you put the gas cap on tightly?" YES! Anyway, when I filled up on Saturday, at the suggestion of my mechanic I added a bottle of fuel injector cleaner. Over 230 miles later (road trip over the weekend) the light has not come on at all.
I'd take your car to the mechanic (if a code was set they can clear it which should turn the light off if it doesn't shut off itself) and if they don't find anything, try fuel injector cleaner.