Volkswagen Passat Problem Report

Volkswagen Passat Multi-Link Suspension Components May Wear Prematurely

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Premature wear in various multi-link suspension components can cause noises that are difficult to diagnose. Worn suspension parts can also cause uneven tire wear and create steering alignment problems.

Only when the outside temperature got below 45.F, the front suspension made a squeaking noise = rubber on rubber noise, sure enough the sway bar was replaced under warranty!! Only after three visits to the dealership!! -
My girlfriend owns a 09 vw Passat 2.0t 4 banger. When you go over speed bumps the suspension squeaks loudly. I noticed a loud roar coming from the tires at highway speeds. I looked at the tires and at first glance they looked almost new. I took the tires off to take a look at the suspension and the tire CUT my hand. The whole inside of the tire was warn down to the metal wire on both front and rear tires. The car tracks straight as a arrow. The camber is so outta whack. Every where I take the car they saw that's just how the suspension is...smh..tire wear is terrible because of excuses camber -
Replaced all 8 front suspension ball joints and connecting pieces -
Bad front end bushing. $825 to fix. -
I have a popping noise coming from my right front wheel area every time I back my car out of the garage. -
cv joints wore out quick which caused stress on my control arm and the joint broke and my strutt hit the pavement and IT stopped -
my control arms have been shot for some time, i just replaced them along with new struts, the pinch bolt can be a pain to remove, the rest is straightforward, worth getting the vw tool for front lower control arm balljoints (28mm), the tool incl shipping $60 off ebay took all of 5 minutes to remove with this tool. take your time and its a ok job to do but the pinch bolt is a pain make sure you have access to a air hammer/friends. -
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