Volvo S40 Problem Report

Volvo S40 Premature Rear Brake Pad Wear

(19 reports)

There have been reports of premature rear brake pad wear. Our technicians recommend to inspect brake pads at each tire rotation interval.

I purchased the car new. At 32,000, it was necessary to replace the front brakes: pads and rotors. Now at 37,000, the dealer tells me it is necessary to replace the front and rear brake pads and rotors. I have owned many care, but I never had to replace the brakes as often and I am with this car.... Where can I get a good price to perform this service. -
Had my brakes checked with a tire rotation at a new place. They said ther front ones looked like new, the back ones were worn down to the rotars. I had to get both pads and rotors replaced. -
Rear brake grinding noise. -
Rear pads wore out before the front. Not a big deal just never seen that before. No Issues changing them out, just left a deposit for the tool loan at the auto part store and about $70 for the pads. Done! -
Constant rotor wear - already replaced three times in two years; about every 8 months. Telltale giveaway is the shudder through the steering wheel when breaking at speed. Two of the replacements were done under warranty. -
Purchased new in2006, now 20% of rear pads remains, while at front 80% is left. No solution that I am aware of. Seems most unusual. -
The rear brake pads wore down to less than a millimeter after very light driving. I had to replace the pads and the rotors. -
no solution. sorry. -
Brake light activated -
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