Buick Regal Problem Report

Buick Regal Power Window Not Working Due to Failed Switch

(30 reports)

One or more of the power windows may stop working due to a failed window switch. Failed switches will require replacement.

windows will not go down or up only drivers button makes clicking noise tried to replace switch no change -
no windows work, drivers window buzzes when pressed. new switch just installed. same problem that was supposedly "fixed" once -
driver window don't work the others work, but left-rear work only sometimes -
the rain drips on the switches so get the aftermarket "shades" for the windows. Once they dry out they should be fine, mine were. -
Multiple times; multiple Buick models I have owned. -
i have same problem with windows but massive electrical shorts and i keep spending money and no body can find short. maunly front panel, have to be jumped to drive, battery and alternator are good, heat barely works, i believe heater core needs blown outand cleaned, flushed radiator and it was disgusting. but i am a disabled single mom of 3 a person helping me is getting fed up and wants me to buy battery, and i REALLY think its electrical. also lights don't work correctly, right rear turn signal out. car seems to be possesd like carrie, but engine is excellentcondition. PLEASE email me the information of electrical wires and any advice. i don't know a lot about cars, but must use friends as mechanics due to my limited finances. so i have to have a chart of wiring and cant find one. thank you so much. its getting cold here. And i have heart condition and cant walk and carry loads of groceries in extreme temperatures. ty again :) -
Driver side window went down; won't go back up -
Same problem -- windows do not work. -
driver window and lock swich does not work -
All power windows,heated seats, and power seats stopped at the same what do i do -
having problem with driver side window going up and down -
don't work -
I have a huge variety of electrical issues; mainly everything on the console doesn't work but the fuel gauge, the oil temp and the radio (may have forgotten something). Think this may be a ground issue, but don't know where to begin to trouble shoot the problem. VERY FRUSTRATED. Also, I should mention that when I drive over a small bump in the road EVERYTHING lights up for a split second and then goes out again. I'm so tired of driving at night not knowing how fast I'm going with no dash lights!!!! Also, the 'low tire' light has remained on since I had new tires put on my 1999 Buick Regal LS. Had that checked couple of times and no tire is low on pressure/air and the mileage given above is incorrect as that doesn't work either!!! Again, very frustrated. Please help me ....where can I get a diagram showing where all the grounds are located on my car??? -
no power to power windows. None of the windows will go down -
side mirror switches stopped working at 65,000 miles. -
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