Power windows slower than normal, especially in the cold weather on 2004 Buick Park Avenue

My power windows due function up and down however I know that they opeerate at a slower speed than they should. Especially in cold weather. The battery is new. would appreciate some recommendations. Thank You. Chimonidis@cinci.rr.com

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Very common that window glass runs get dry over time. A little lubricant on the sides of where your glass slides up and down on will help a whole lot. It also keeps the motors from having abnormal load from the drag those strips create when dry.

If that doesn't help, you could have a motor getting weak...or multiple motors. But try the lube.
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The most common problem is that the rubber weatherstripping that the window rides in is dry. Spraying some wd-40 in them will help and will most likely fix the problem. If not you may have some window motors going bad.