Power windows quit working on 1999 Buick Regal

The power window switches do nothing except for the drivers side window. It will not go up or down, but when the drivers window button is depressed in the down position, there is a clicking noise.

I purchased a new window switch block and got the exact same results.

The large silver 30amp fuse on the fuse block says it is for both power windows and sun roof... The sun roof works fine. What is the next step?

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Check for ground at switch and motor, also check for power at switch and motor, could be a break in the circuit between fuse and switch or switch and motor.
how do I check color at window motor
how do I check to see if power is that the motor driver side door
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the driver side window won`t go up & down but there is a cable wire hanging their we don`t know were it goes
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