Power windows not working. on 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

None of my power windows have any power to them. I have looked at the fuse box under the hood and see no blown fuse. Is there another fuse box if not what coukld cause me to lose power to all 4 windows at once?

by in Murrieta, CA on April 01, 2013
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ok i am loocking in the owners manual and i can not find a second Fuse box and i can not find the fuse for the power windos at all.
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see my answer below
ANSWER by on April 01, 2013
There is only one fuse box - under the hood, and according to my diagrams all windows power up from a single 10amp fuse (fuse #25). I suggest having someone hold down a window switch while you wiggle the fuse and if that doesn't work change it, even if it looks good. Sometimes the female connection inside the fuse box looses and causes problems, also a fuse can look good but have a hairline break that makes it look good or is on the edge or the filament where it cannot be seen. you could also have a problem with the power or ground wire to the main switch or the switch itself. Unless want to pay a pro to troubleshoot you'll need to have a wiring diagram and know to to test voltage drop at the main switch ... or take a chance and spend the money on a drivers front switch, if it doesn't work pay a pro. your call, Robert Grove www.wego2umobilemechanic.com for mobile mechanic in orange county www.orangecountymobileautorepair.com
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is there a place where i can get said diagram? Online or other...
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