Power windows and sunroof stopped working on 1992 BMW 325i

The windows and sunroof both recently stopped working in my 92 BMW 325i E36 4 door sedan. I checked all of the fuses and the only one that is not working is the #1 fuse which is the sunroof. Do the power windows and the sunroof both run off of this fuse? The fuse is fine just not getting any power. I also checked the breaker everything is fine with that. I looked at some other forums on the web and found a discussion on a window relay. I looked but could not find it. The window relay is not a part of the fuse box under the hood. I am completely lost and dont know what else i can do or even what to look for. Could anybody out there please help? Thank you so much

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Located underneath instrument panel on left hand side, inside theres a relay for the sunroof and power windows if you need a diagram request one at in the diagram the relay is on the left side by it self