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2003 Ford Taurus Question: Power Windows and Interior lights quit working

I have a 2003 Taurus SES. just replaced the passenger door as it was in an accident. before replacing the door, all my windows and interior lights worked. but after replacing the door, none of them work. Any Ideas? -
Answer 1
The GEM module controls both lighting and windows. You could have a blown fuse for the GEM module - check them, there are several. Try that first. Beyond this, you will need to check to see if the GEM is operating properly. I have a hunch it's a fuse based off of the situation. Good luck. -
Comment 1
I called ford and they said the 03 Taurus doesn't have a GEM module.I have the problem of sometimes they stop working.I would like to know what module or part controls them. when not working a click under the left dash and they would start working. -
Answer 2
I have no answer. I have the same problem my automatic windows stopped working. I have no owners manual and can not even ID the fuses in fuse box. Anyone? -