Power windows and blower dont work on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

gave a guy a jump and a few days latter i had the heater on the blower on high i rolled down the window and noticed i had no power to blower or power windows. I checked the fuses in glove compartment they are OK. Is there another fuse panel some where eles in the van?

For your power windows there is a 30 amp circuit breaker in the fuse panel inside the cab, under neath the instrument panel. Both of the circuits for the Blower and the Windows are fed through a black-orange wire from the ignition switch to the fuse panel. The Blower has a 30 amp fuse ( it is #7 fuse actually ).
Thanks I can do this just need know what you meant by instrument panel? I removed the dash where the instruments are didn’t see much there. On the right side and down from the fuse box in the glove compartment, I only came across one fused wire for the power door locks (7.5 amps) located right above the computer underneath the fuse box itself. I didn’t remove the fuses box unit, should I have? Or should I be looking under the steering column there are some fused circuits there but again the fuse look good. Any more help would be great I live on the other side of the tracks my window is down and a baby could steal that my van. All plastic!! Thanks