power windows on 1991 Ford Taurus

The power windows stopped working. Unfortunetly we're only able to find one fuse box on the drivers side compartment that is not labled and all fuses check out. None of the door switches work. We checked for current to the door switches and nothing. We don't have a car manual or a wiring diagram to go on. This happened "all of a sudden". I noticed a fuse manual in a autoparts store mentions a passenger side fuse box (which we can't find)and I've seen many other cars have secondary fuse boxes in engine compartments. Anyone have a clue where the fuse for this may be or even a relay switch or anything that will shed some light?

by in Lancaster, PA on August 15, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on September 02, 2010
Power windows not working checked fuse box dreivers side are there any other fuse boxes I can check?
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