Power Window May Stop Working on Chrysler Town & Country

One or more power windows may stop working due to a failed regulator or motor which will require replacement. Our technicians tell us the regulator and motor is replaced as a set on these vehicles.

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Average mileage: 94,183 (8,000–209,000)
12 model years affected: 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014
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problem details
Here is something to try. It works for one of my windows when it stops working. With the car running, hold the window button in the down position while simultaneously SLAMMING the car door. You may have to do it a few times.
Drivers window will go down slowly, and come back up slowly. Sometimes, it will go down, and not come back up. If you wait a few minutes, you can raise it a little, wait, and repeat until the window is up.
2002 Chrysler Town & Country 110,231 mi,
Driver side window goes down right but it is slow when you try to put it up. I can move the window back and forth and it will raise right. Did it jump off the track? It only hangs up when its almost all the way up.
drivers side window will not go down or up, motor died.
driver window stopped going up and down hear the clicking when pressing button but nothing, took it in today this is what they said is wrong . front door module and window regulator needs to be replaced .
Window motors went out one at a time only a short time apart. Power locks on sliding doors went out too around same time. I have not had repaired...yet.
Driver side window and rear back left side vent window stop working.
2005 Chrysler Town & Country 116,000 mi,
Right window button does not work. The locks for the rear doors do not pop up when I open the door using remote.
Rolling up window a loud sound hear like cracking, then window stopped working. Did not go up, started slid down.
2003 Chrysler Town & Country 118,000 mi,
The passenger side window does not go up or down. Based on what was read with other owner's of the same type of make and model van to date it appears best to replace the regulator which houses the motor and cable assembly. The manufacturer years of 2001-2003 for this make and model series in this case are interchangeable parts.
driver side front window; loud pop and glass fell to bottom ! now glass wont go up or down.
2003 Chrysler Town & Country 145,000 mi,
i went to the gas station and one window would not go up so i checked the fuse and it wasnt it, i purchased a regulator now everything is great
Hello, My name is Mrs Patty Hildreth my husband is Dennis Hildreth our phone no is (253) 840-4223. we recently purchased our Chrysler Town and Country Touring Wagon at Larsens Chryslera and Jeep in down town Puyallup Wa. They said it was fine, and already had 33,000 miles on it. within 2 days I had to go back to have the 4th cylendar and head replaced on the left side. there are other issues with it and I've taken it back 3 or 4 times now. when I'm going down the freeway the engine won't go into passing gear and I have to pull off to the side of the road I checked everything and even tried the break when I started again it was okay. It's happened about 30 times now. Also the smell of wire melting happens, we've checked everything we can't find it, also the shifting gear jumps out of gear when were on the freeway or just driving that was scary. To my knowledge Larson is a lying and cheating company I believe we were sold a lemon. they said they were the only users I found out later they also loaned it out a lot to customers. it also had to chips in the front window in the middle at the lower part . I know that's not your problem. we are a senior couple and I'm handicapped, and to learn from over 2 dozen people lately that have screwed over by them that's plain sad. We traded our 2005 Chrysler t/c for this our 2005 was well kept and ran perfectly. I know there's a lot of recalls on my touring t/c Chrysler could you please send me them and I will take it to someone else here.Also front sounds like its leaking air somewhere but of couarse they couldn't find it figure's. Thank You for reading this and god bless
2004 Chrysler Town & Country 129,000 mi,
passenger power window is verrrry slow.
Rear driver's side passenger window stopped working in the lowered position. With engine running, we were able to raise it by slamming the door several times while holding the window lever up as per others' suggestions we found online. We have not taken it to a shop yet as it just happened today.
Window goes down but doesn't go up. Tested motor and it was fine. Took to mechanic, said it was definitely the regulator after checking the switches.
My passenger window went down about half way, and now it wont go up. I can hear the motor working, but the window just wont budge. What does it need?
My driver seat power window when I tried to pull down went down and made clicking and loud noise and stuck all the way down. Not able to come up and when I push the power button, it does not do anything no more and no more window is coming up. Negar Gharib 818 399 1564 Last year the driver seat power stopped working and with so much difficulty thru manufacture I had the dealer to fix it. Because although the car is 2012 Model Town and country mini van because it was purchased 11/30/2011. The warranty counts from 2011? It is so unfair when the car is 2012?
I rolled auto window down and it would not roll up but motor still on when pushed up button Left front side window