power window problem on 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser

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The bolts came loose on the driver's side power window regulator and the glass dislocated. I replaced the bolts and the window goes up & down. But when I use the one click feature (the 2nd detent on the switch) the window goes all the way up and then reverses and goes half way down.. If I use the manual up (1st detent on the switch) the window goes up and stays up. any help?
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Turn on the ignition push the window down switch all the way down and hold it down for 5 seconds, then put it all the way up and hold it in the up position for five seconds to relearn the park stop position. Let me know that this works for you, if it doesn't I'll look in my information and notes.
It does not work on my 2000 Landcruiser driver's side door window. The window goes up and down. The Auto close feature will close the window then the window immediately opens and goes down about one half the way. You can close the window by pulling up in the window switch and releasing it when the window closes and slightly compresses the foam seal around the window. If you hold the switch to long the window immediately opens.