Power Window Problem on 2005 Hyundai Tiburon

Driver side window works fine. Passenger side window will not go up or down.

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Will the passenger side window operate of the master switch on the driver's door or just not operate of either window switch? Fuse 19 a 30 amp fuse supplies power to the power window relay but it feeds both windows so if one works at all the fuse and relay is OK.
Dod you hear the motor in the passenger door try to operate? I suspect the motor or window regulator has failed. If the window is stuck down and you need to close it. Try with the engine running car in park operating the window switch in the closed position with the door open and holding the switch in the closed position slam the door closed. On a lot of cars if the motor has an open in it jarring the door like this lets the motor work.
2004 Nissan Armada *** Slamming the door shut with car running enabled the motor to go back to the up position. Thanks, I was 5 minutes away from tearing apart the door. :-)
This TOTALLY worked, slammed the car door and the window went up! Thanks!
When I read this I was figured that there would be no way it would be that simple. I ran outside right away and tried it, it worked, on the first try!!!
lol...i cant believe it actually went took me like 3 trys but it works...
This worked for me too on the first shot....thank you so much!!
I replaced the regulator 5 years ago, the replacement has the same problem however the slam the door trick worked on it