Power window on drivers side won't go down. All the other 3 windows are fine. on 1998 Cadillac DeVille

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Window was working fine when I went into store and when I came out it wouldn't go down.
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You can to go to autozone or advanced auto and buy a main drivers side power window switch, and fix it yourself, or someone at the service desk might even replace the switch for you. The switch will cost $90-100. Even though the other 3 windows work on that switch, you will still need to replace it because the driver window runs on that switch also. So you gotta buy a whole switch anyways. Its simple though, the old switch will pop out with a little effort from a flathead screwdriver; then just un-plug the old one, and re-plug in the new one in, then pop it back in place! problem solved. Not unless you want to go to a mechanic or dealership who will charge you for the part and an additional $100 for labor, ouch! It will be $220- if you go that route- good luck.